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1 move or draw apart; "The two paths diverge here" [ant: converge]
2 have no limits as a mathematical series [ant: converge, converge]
3 extend in a different direction; "The lines start to diverge here"; "Their interests diverged" [ant: converge]
4 be at variance with; be out of line with [syn: deviate, vary, depart] [ant: conform]

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From Latin di-, from dis-, "apart", + vergere, "to bend".



  1. to run apart; to tend into different directions
  2. (of a sequence) to have no limit



to have no limit
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Divergence can refer to:
In mathematics:
  • Divergence, a function that associates a scalar with every point of a vector field
  • The defining property of divergent series; series that have no bounded sum
In science:
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

aberrate, agree to disagree, alter, ameliorate, angle, angle off, be changed, be converted into, be distinct, be distinguished, be renewed, bear off, bend, bestrew, bias, bottom out, branch off, branch out, break, break up, break with, broadcast, change, change the bearing, checker, chop, chop and change, circumfuse, clash with, come about, come around, come round, conflict with, contrast with, crook, curve, deal out, deflect, degenerate, depart, depart from, deploy, deteriorate, detour, deviate, deviate from, differ, differentiate, diffract, diffuse, digress, disaccord with, disagree, disagree with, disband, dispel, dispense, disperse, dispread, disseminate, dissent, distort, distribute, disunify, divagate, divaricate, divaricate from, diverge from, diversify, divert, divide, dogleg, drift, excurse, fall out, fan out, flop, fork, go away, go off, go separate ways, hairpin, haul around, have a falling-out, heel, improve, issue, jar with, jibe, meliorate, mitigate, modulate, mutate, not accord with, not square with, oblique, outspread, overscatter, oversow, overspread, part, part company, propagate, publish, pull, radiate, ramble, ramify, refract, relieve, retail, revive, scatter, separate, sheer, shift, skew, slue, sow, sow broadcast, splay, split, split up, spread, spread out, stand apart, stand over against, stray, strew, subdivide, sway, swerve, tack, take a turn, trend, turn, turn aside, turn away, turn into, turn the corner, twist, undergo a change, utter, variate, variegate, vary, veer, wander, warp, worsen, zigzag
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